Financing alternatives for SMEs are in demand: mid-market bonds

London, 20 May 2023. European SMEs are under immense pressure. With interest rates making a comeback, more expensive credit and refinancing terms are weighing on corporate balance sheets at a time when banks have withdrawn from the financing business and recession worries are on the rise again. In the new market regime for the financing side of mid-market companies, “mid-market bonds” with strict local regulations could become an important alternative. The article written by Mark Hoffmann and Dieter Kaiser was published in the “Financing Mid-Market Companies” supplement of the Börsen-Zeitung on May 20, 2023. Please read the full article [Available only in German] here.

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Robus with a guest column in Anleihen-Finder

Frankfurt, November 03, 2013. Benjamin Noisser, Managing Director at Robus Capital, was asked by the editors of Anleihen-Finder, a publication that focuses on Mittelstand bonds, to write a column on the Mittelstand bond market. The series of articles are only available in German and appear as follows:
Lessons from the recent the challenges of the Mittelstand bond market
Why covenants in the German Mittelstand bond market are important
German Mittelstand bonds –growing fast but not yet mature

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High-Yield Investments in German Mid-sized Companies

Frankfurt, May 28, 2013. Mark Hoffmann and Dieter Kaiser from Robus Capital Management Limited have published a paper in Absolut Report, a renowned publication for institutional investors in German speaking countries, entitled “High-Yield-Investments im deutschen Mittelstand.” The article can be downloaded as a PDF here.