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Robus speaks with Anleihen-Finder

Frankfurt, April 18, 2012. Mark Hoffmann, Managing Director at Robus Capital Management Limited spoke with the editors of Anleihen-Finder, a publication focused on Mittelstand bonds, on the topic of high-yield debt capital investments in Germany. Read the full Interview here.

Investments in Commodities using Long-Short Strategies

February 07, 2012. Commodity investments are considered to be a good means of diversification. However, passive long-only investment strategies often provide unsatisfactory results. Christopher Bauer from Barclays Capital, Prof. Dr. Thomas Heidorn from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and Dr. Dieter Kaiser from Robus Capital describe the characteristics of various investment opportunities in commodities. On the basis of empirical data, they compare various approaches to the active management of commodity investments, and in doing so provide institutional investors with valuable information on diversification. Subscribers of Absolut|report can Access the paper online. PDF

Robus at Structured Finance Deutschland 2011

November 09, 2011. Mark Hoffman, Managing Director of Robus Capital Management will be participating in a roundtable discussion on the subject “Hedge Funds on Board – So What?” at the Structured Finance Deutschland Conference on September 11th, 2011. The discussion will be conducted jointly with the Managing Director of Tele Columbus GmbH Dietmar Schickel, who has already gained extensive experience with alternative lenders during the turnaround of his Company. The presentation can be downloaded here.

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