Temporary soft close of Robus Mid-Market Value Fund

London, 16 October 2017: Robus will continue to take a systematic, long-term approach to investing in mid-market debt, which is generally not a scalable business model, especially when based on a selective approach and detailed analysis. Therefore, we will temporarily close the Robus Mid-Market Value Bond Fund to new subscriptions”, says Dieter Kaiser, Managing Director at Robus Capital. This step follows an in-depth analysis of the existing portfolio as well as the market environment. Robus is deliberately taking a different approach than many other asset managers, who are taking advantage of the current tailwind in the capital markets to raise additional investor capital. Accordingly, subscriptions will only be possible until 26 October 2017. “We are very pleased with the current composition and allocation of our portfolio. In particular, we want to protect existing investors from a dilution of returns with the fund closure,” emphasises Benjamin Noisser, fund manager of the Robus Mid-Market Value Bond Fund. The investment style pursued by Robus Capital, which is particularly focused on secondary market transactions, is essentially based on an in-depth analysis of each individual issuer. Such fundamental analysis requires a correspondingly long time. We believe the Robus Mid-Market Value Bond Fund is currently very well capitalised and want to avoid the emergence of investment pressure. Such pressure can regularly arise when the fund volume grows faster than the opportunities in the investment universe. “We believe that suspending new subscriptions in the current market environment is the right decision for our investors,” Kaiser says. However, a reopening of the Robus Mid-Market Value Bond Fund for new subscriptions is possible at a later date, as the capacity limit has not yet been reached.