Robus speaks about “SSDs versus Mini bonds” in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, 06. September 2018. Robus Capital Management was invited to participate in the “14. FINANCE-Roundtable Distressed Assets” of German FINANCE magazine on 16. Oktober 2018 in Frankfurt. Mark Hoffmann, Portfolio Manager at Robus Capital will attend the panel discussion on the topic “Are Schuldscheins the next mini bonds?”.

Robus again frequent speaker on industry conferences

London, 02 January 2016. Robus Capital will be speaking at the following conferences in 2016

02.04.2016: Institute of Law and Finance, Frankfurt, “Shareholder and Hedge Fund Activism Seminar”, Göthe University Frankfurt.
05.04.2016: Magdeburg Restructuring Forum, “Financing in times of crisis ”.
12.04.2016: 7th Dusseldorf Restructuring Forum, Düsseldorf, “ The pre-insolvency restructuring process in Germany”.
29.04.2016: 12th annual Handelsblatt Restructuring 2016 conference, Frankfurt.
30.11.2016: 2nd annual Handelsblatt Direct Lending Funds 2016 conference”, Frankfurt.

Robus Capital will be represented at these conferences by Andreas Jaufer, Mark Hoffmann or Thiemo Bischoff.

Robus on restructuring of promissory notes (SSDs) and bonds

Frankfurt, 20. Juni 2015. Robus Capital will speak on the topic of restructuring debt instruments at the following events during the remainder of 2015:

25.06.2015: 4th European Insolvency & Restructuring Congress, Brüssel
16.09.2015: Debtwire Germany Forum, Frankfurt
17.09.2015: Frankfurter Insolvenz- und M&A Forum, Frankfurt
29.10.2015: Luther Restrukturierungskonferenz, München
12.11.2015: Münchner Restrukturierungsform, München
26.11.2015: 11. Structured Finance, Stuttgart
02.12.2015: Handelsblatt-Konferenz: Direct Lending Funds in der Restrukturierung, Frankfurt

Robus Capital will be represented at these conferences by Andreas Jaufer or Mark Hoffmann.

Robus speaks on the topic of Mittelstand Bond Restructuring

Frankfurt, October 23, 2014. Robus Capital Management has been invited to speak at the industry conference “Current Trends, Themes, and Crisis Sectors in Restructuring”, organized by consulting firm BearingPoint and law firm CMS Hasche Sigle on October 23rd in Munich. Benjamin Noisser, Managing Director at Robus Capital, will give a presentation on the subject “Market Overview and Restructuring of Mittelstand Bonds”.

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