Robus on restructuring of promissory notes (SSDs) and bonds

Frankfurt, 20. Juni 2015. Robus Capital will speak on the topic of restructuring debt instruments at the following events during the remainder of 2015:

25.06.2015: 4th European Insolvency & Restructuring Congress, Brüssel
16.09.2015: Debtwire Germany Forum, Frankfurt
17.09.2015: Frankfurter Insolvenz- und M&A Forum, Frankfurt
29.10.2015: Luther Restrukturierungskonferenz, München
12.11.2015: Münchner Restrukturierungsform, München
26.11.2015: 11. Structured Finance, Stuttgart
02.12.2015: Handelsblatt-Konferenz: Direct Lending Funds in der Restrukturierung, Frankfurt

Robus Capital will be represented at these conferences by Andreas Jaufer or Mark Hoffmann.