Robus talks about the Nordic Bond market with Finance-Magazin

Frankfurt, September 15, 2015. Robus Capital spoke with Finance-Magazin about the Scandinavian bond market. In the article “The Nordic Mini-Bond Miracle” from Michael Hedstück (Issue September/October 2015, pages 31-35), Robus was cited as follows: “The Scandinavian bond market is very interesting for high-yield investors,” says Dieter Kaiser, Managing Director of Robus Capital, an asset management company that focuses on high-yield investments in mid-sized companies, but ignores most issues from the German Mittelstands-Bond market. This is for a good reason, as Kaiser mentions: “In comparison with the German Mittelstands-Bond market, Scandinavia has established a very large and well-functioning market with professional [bond] structures.” Source: Finance-Magazin (2015).