NEWS: Robus wins award as best European high yield fund

London, November 04, 2015. The Robus German Credit Opportunities Fund managed by Robus Capital has won the award of best fund in the category “High Yield” at the Alternative Credit Intelligence European Performance Awards 2015 in London. The Alternative Credit Performance Awards recognize those alternative credit funds that outperformed their peer groups in the last 12 months.

NEWS: Robus talks about the Nordic Bond market with Finance-Magazin

Frankfurt, September 15, 2015. Robus Capital spoke with Finance-Magazin about the Scandinavian bond market. In the article “The Nordic Mini-Bond Miracle” from Michael Hedstück (Issue September/October 2015, pages 31-35), Robus was cited as follows: “The Scandinavian bond market is very interesting for high-yield investors,” says Dieter Kaiser, Managing Director of Robus Capital, an asset management company that focuses on high-yield investments in mid-sized companies, but ignores most issues from the German Mittelstands-Bond market. This is for a good reason, as Kaiser mentions: “In comparison with the German Mittelstands-Bond market, Scandinavia has established a very large and well-functioning market with professional [bond] structures.” Source: Finance-Magazin (2015).

EVENT: Robus zur Restrukturierung von Schuldscheinen und Anleihen

Frankfurt, 20. Juni 2015. Robus Capital wird im Restjahr 2015 auf den folgenden Veranstaltungen zum Thema Restrukturierung von Fremdkapitalinstrumenten sprechen:

25.06.2015: 4th European Insolvency & Restructuring Congress, Brüssel
16.09.2015: Debtwire Germany Forum, Frankfurt
17.09.2015: Frankfurter Insolvenz- und M&A Forum, Frankfurt
29.10.2015: Luther Restrukturierungskonferenz, München
12.11.2015: Münchner Restrukturierungsform, München
26.11.2015: 11. Structured Finance, Stuttgart
02.12.2015: Handelsblatt-Konferenz: Direct Lending Funds in der Restrukturierung, Frankfurt

Robus Capital wird hierbei von Andreas Jaufer oder Mark Hoffmann vertreten.

PUBLICATION: Robus with a guest-article in the Going Public Magazine

Frankfurt, April 30, 2015. Mark Hoffmann, , a portfolio manager at Robus Capital was asked by the editors of Going Public Magazine for a commentary on the bond market for mid-sized companies. The article, found in the section “Viewpoint,” is titled “Mittelstandsanleihe 2.0” and appeared in the 05-2015 issue on page 51. This article is only available in German.

NEWS: Robus on the financing situation of mid-sized companies in the Börsen-Zeitung

Frankfurt, March 06, 2015. Robus Capital was cited in an article in the Börsen-Zeitung on recommendations for a sustainable future of the bond market for mid-sized companies. The article by Christopher Kalbhenn is titled “End of Mittelstand Bonds” and appears in Issue 45 (06.03.2015) on page 8. The recommendations of Robus were summarized as follows: “Furthermore, additional measures should be taken to limit the risks of bond investors. Robus Capital, an asset management firm that specializes in high-yield debt capital, recommends an orientation towards the common standards of the international high-yield market. In addition to more frequent and higher quality reporting, Robus promotes the use of collateral, covenants, and guarantees from essentially affiliated companies. With good bond structuring, the risk of extreme losses in the case of restructuring should be limited.” Source: Börsen-Zeitung (2015). This article is only available in German.

NEWS: Robus on the Mittelstand Bond Market in the FAZ

Frankfurt, February 27, 2015. Robus Capital was interviewed in an article by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on the future of the German Mid-sized Corporate Bond Market. The article by Martin Hock is titled “Mittelstand Bonds are on their Way Out” and appeared in Issue 50 (28.03.2015) on page 30. Dieter Kaiser, Managing Director of Robus Capital, was cited as follows: “Kaiser asks […] above all for a new start for prospectuses. “We need covenants, collateral, guarantees,” he says. “It is a market for debt capital with high risks and is, therefore, a high-yield market. Individuals were orientating themselves with the prospectuses of Daimler and BASF, which was wrong from the beginning.” Source FAZ (2015). This article is only available in German.

PRESS: Robus German Credit Opportunities Fund surpasses the 100 Million-Euro-Mark

Frankfurt, February 09, 2015. Fixed income strategies that provide uncorrelated and constant yield income are in demand in current capital markets. This is how the fund size for the Robus German Credit Opportunities Fund, managed by investment boutique Robus Capital, has been able to more than quintuple since its launch almost three years ago. The Robus German Credit Opportunities Fund was established as a Luxembourg Special Fund (SICAF-SIF) and is only accessible to qualified investors and semi-professional investors. In November 2013, however, Robus also launched the Robus Mid-Market Value Bond Fund (UCITS IV) in collaboration with Hauck & Aufhäuser. This mutual fund is managed using the same investment strategy as well as regional- and company focus as the Robus German Credit Opportunities Fund, but invests exclusively in listed bonds. The full Press Release can be found here.

NEWS: Robus in Handelsblatt on the Future of the Mittelstand Bond Market

Frankfurt, January 05, 2015. Robus Capital was interviewed in an article of the Handelsblatts for an opinion on the future of the mid-sized corporate bond market. The article by Michael Brächer is entitled “Pleiten, Pech und Peinliches” and appeared on page 60 and 61 of the weekend issue from the 2nd/3rd/4th of January 2015 (No. 1). Robus was cited as follows: “In order for mini-bonds to have a chance, something has to change. “We believe that the market deserves a future,” says Dieter Kaiser, Managing Director of the Frankfurt based asset management firm Robus. “However, underwriters need to learn from the mistakes of the past and new bond issues finally need to be professionally structured.” Kaiser is referring to standards that have long been common in international markets for high-yield bonds. He would like “collateral, covenants, and guarantees from all affiliated companies.” This way creditors receive significantly more in the event of insolvency than they have in the past.” Source: Handelsblatt (2015). This article is only available in German.

EVENT: Robus speaks on the topic of Mittelstand Bond Restructuring

Frankfurt, October 23, 2014. Robus Capital Management has been invited to speak at the industry conference “Current Trends, Themes, and Crisis Sectors in Restructuring”, organized by consulting firm BearingPoint and law firm CMS Hasche Sigle on October 23rd in Munich. Benjamin Noisser, Managing Director at Robus Capital, will give a presentation on the subject “Market Overview and Restructuring of Mittelstand Bonds”.

EVENT: Robus speaks at the Freshfields Conference in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, October 22, 2014. Robus Capital Management has been invited by the law firm Freshfields to give a lecture at their conference “Aus dem Maschinenraum des Sanierungsgesellschaftsrechts, Teil 2″ on November 27th 2014 in Frankfurt. Andreas Jaufer, Managing Director from Robus Capital, will hold a presentation on the topic “Restructuring of Bonds”.

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